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Transect Films creates inspiring videos with purpose. True to our name, we survey the landscape, taking observations through the lens, to build a captivating story for your audience. We specialize in creating stories that are fueled by the spirit of adventure and discovery, with the hope of making the world an even better place. 

Transect's Founder is Faith Haney. Faith spent her early years jumping between careers as an archaeologist, scientific illustrator, graphic designer, and video production coordinator, cutting her chops at the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic, and the Archaeology Channel. She has a MS in resource management, and specializes in documentary-style video and photography that focuses on science, culture and nature.

She especially loves the projects that get her out and about.


Transect's crew grows through collaborations with local talent as projects dictate, one our favorite partnerships being with the wonderfully talented folks at Matterhorn Creative in Seattle, WA.

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